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Hi, apologies for posting this in English, but I wanted to alert your community to a discussion on Meta about potential changes to the Wikimedia Trademark Policy. Please translate this statement if you can. We hope that you will all participate in the discussion; we also welcome translations of the legal team’s statement into as many languages as possible and encourage you to voice your thoughts there. Please see the [[:m:Trademark practices discussion|Trademark practices discussion (on Meta-Wiki)]] for more information. Thank you! --[[:m:User:Mdennis_(WMF)|Mdennis (WMF)]] ([[:m:User talk:Mdennis_(WMF)|talk]])
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== [[:m:Requests_for_comment/X!'s_Edit_Counter|X!'s Edit Counter]] ==
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<small>(Sorry for writing in English. You can [[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Requests_for_comment/X!%27s_Edit_Counter/Summary|translate the proposal]].)</small>
Should [[tools:~tparis/pcount|X!'s edit counter]] retain the opt-in requirement? Your input is strongly encouraged. [[:m:Requests_for_comment/X!'s_Edit_Counter|Voice your input here]].——[[:m:w:User:Cyberpower678|<span style="color:green;font-family:Neuropol">cyberpower]] [[:m:w:User talk:Cyberpower678|<sup style="color:purple;font-family:arnprior">Chat]]<sub style="margin-left:-4.4ex;color:purple;font-family:arnprior">Automation</sub> 23. kesäkuuta 2013 kello 04.25 (UTC)
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