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"Suomi on paholaisen maa. (SSSK)" (c) - Hello everyone, I'm very sorry to use English here, but could I see how this proverb looks like in original Russian? I tried to search for various variants of how it might be spelled in Russian and Google found nothing. Finland isn't called in Russia something like this, at least in a widely-used popular speech, I can't remember any other than poetic 'the land of a thousand lakes' (Финляндия -- страна тысячи озёр), but this one is not a proverb. --Wolverène (keskustelu) 6. huhtikuuta 2021 kello 10.04 (UTC)Vastaa[vastaa]

  • "Kun tappaa juutalaisen, saa neljäkymmentä syntiä anteeksi." (c) - anti-Semitism among the European people isn't surpising regardless of a nation they belong to, but I've never heard smth like "if you kill a Jew 40 sins shall be redeemed" even from very radical far-right ones.
"Koira on naista viisaampi. Se ei hauku isäntäänsä." (c) - Funny but the Russian-speaking sources believe this is a Finnish proverb. --Wolverène (keskustelu) 6. huhtikuuta 2021 kello 10.16 (UTC)Vastaa[vastaa]